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Purposeful communication and collaboration
Quality learning environment
Personalizing learning
Clear and model expectations
Culturally and linguistically responsive practice
Teaching for understanding, application and transfer
Sampoerna Academy Virtual School

Finding the balance between online and offline learning is important in both normal and unusual circumstances. We acknowledge that Sampoerna Academy Schools are not designed as a distance learning school, but when necessary we will use distance learning to provide continuity to our students.

Our improved virtual learning school continues our vision to promote creative, passionate, lifelong learners who are able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Students will participate in live synchronous learning via google meet with the homeroom teacher and specialists.

We recognize that continuity of learning is different from the normal classroom routine. In particular teachers, students and parents will need to consider how to support quality learning and purposeful communication and collaboration, two of our principles of high quality education.

We are also confident that Continuity of Learning can bring new opportunities for enriched and engaged learning through increasing empowerment of students
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Learning Experiences
For our Virtual School classes, we have incremented the amount of live classes according to the age of the students and subjects.
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Learning Pack

To ensure the learning of our students, we will provide learning toolkits of materials for families, so the children will have the necessary supplies to continue their learning. Contents of the learning packs vary depending on grade level.

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Wellbeing Calls

Keeping in close contact with our students is also essential for their growth and support by implemented weekly Well Being Calls, which are intentional calls from the teacher to both students and parents, to check how things are going and provide emotional and academic support.

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Parents Participation

Communication between the parents and the school is essential for improving children´s learning and online experience, that’s why every week, our teachers will have a parent’s group meeting to explain lessons, activities and answer any questions.

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Online Extracurricular Activities

At Sampoerna Academy, we know that learning happens beyond the scheduled class time, that’s why for this academic year we have implemented online extracurricular activities. There is a wide range of benefits that come from involvement in these programs, such as a productive break from study, an opportunity to build new skills and social opportunities, and explore new interests.

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Psychological Support

Our group of psychologists will prepare videos, webinars and trainings to support our families during this challenging moment. Also, our psychologists will maintain routine interaction and wellbeing tracking of the students to detect any struggles early on.

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Friendly Synchronous Learning Environment

Teaching and learning, as well as social interactions, occur in real-time. Synchronous lessons, meetings and sessions will occur via Google Meet video-conferencing platform.

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Improved and Additional Asynchronous Elements

Building from the synchronous learning environment, teachers will implement a variety of new and engaging methods to enhance our student’s learning online experience. This includes videos, recorded lessons of specific subjects.

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Balanced Online and Offline Learning Experience

Given the developmental needs of children, online learning will follow appropriate parameters to guide the time that students are expected to stay online. We recognize that students need breaks and alternating times of being online as well as working independently.

How To?

Communication Tools
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Sampoerna Academy Virtual Schools caters for children from PG to Grade 12 and takes into consideration that many of our younger students and their parents will have no prior experience using Google Classroom or Google Meet.

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The School will use Google Classroom as the primary channel for communicating work to students and parents. Email will be used as a secondary communication tool between teachers, students and parents.

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During this time the school administration will communicate all important notices and updates to parents via Email.

•  Getting Started •
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Sign in to Google using your child’s sampoernaacademy.net account

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Check and accept the invitation to join Google Classrooms sent via Gmail

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Teachers will post activities, task and deadlines regularly on Google Classroom

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Complete task set and submit via Google Classrom by the deadlines set

• Tools For Learning •

Mobile Devices

High Speed Internet Connection

Papers, notebooks, a pencil or a pen

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child cannot submit his/her work on time?

Contact the subject teacher immediately. Depending on the circumstances and grade level, late submission may be subject to a grade deduction.

What if my child cannot attend the classes at any time?

Please send an email to the homeroom teacher

Will there be any test or assessment during Virtual School?

There will be some online quizzes and assessments. Student will be informed in advance.

Are the activities which will be graded?

Yes, there will be. Participation task and worksheets may be given.

My internet connection is poor. What do i do?

Check you internet connection before the scheduled lessons. Contact the teacher if there is a connection problem.

I only have one laptop at home and i have three children. Do i need to buy a new one to accommodate all my children? What do i do?

No. All materials are compatible to all electronic devices. You can have one child with a laptop, one with a tablet and another on a mobile phone. Some work will be from textbooks and workbooks, so a device will not needed.

Download the materials available beforehand and print them out so your child can work on them without the need for a device.

use one laptop to sign in into three diffrent email accounts and they will need to take turns to complete their work.

If my child has difficulty understanding the instructions of the task. What do i do?

You can explain the instructions to the task to your child in detail, but please refrain from helping them answer the task.

Will the be face to face sessions online between teachers and students?

There will be some face to face lessons. Teachers will inform students of these through Google Classrom at least 1 day in advance.